Thursday, June 9, 2011

Young pandaboy

Explorers (or explorer wannabes) seem to be a theme I can't really get rid of when drawing characters....they're just so fun! Here's a little guy done for my coursemates' excellent initiative of a character animation thingie at the New Designers show:) He loves red pandas. He wants to be a red panda.
(I just want a red panda)


  1. haha, that was one cool character! And who doesn't love red pandas?!

  2. Red Pandas are AWESOME.
    takk, igjen:3

  3. Did you send them the lines separately? I'm really glad they had the idea cos I really like the character I did for it & haven't done any other work since hand-in!! I want this man's gloves plz, lovely xxx

  4. I sent them the BW, then played with it a little cause I felt like it:D I like him too, it felt so nice to draw something for something, but still mostly for me!
    gloves like that are simples, I can make some ;)